This is my hobby, I do it for fun...

I love to hear from fans, your ideas, suggestions, fetishes and fantasies... I can't promise I'll make them a reality, I have my limitations and my interpretations, but I do appreciate your perverse perspectives ;) 




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Length: 3 min 21 sec
9 minutes ago
The Big Spread
Length: 1 min 04 sec
1 weeks ago
My Pussy Parade

I'd long thought the majority of you were here to see me doing the bizarre and uncouth things I am so proficient at with regards to the tushy taboo... However, all the messages I've received requesting pussy play have caused me to reevaluate my reveries. In response, I've decided to broaden my spectrum of allowed spectatorship and subsequently, the upcoming month will feature a series of videos which I have categorized as part of my "Pussy Parade". 

Many of you have made requests regarding other topics of taboo and I shall address these in the upcoming months as well; foot fetish, close-ups, dirty talking, JOI, the Green Panties and more... Not to worry, I aim to please and am simply warming up my camera.


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3 weeks ago
Pre-Con BJ
Length: 12 min 36 sec
3 months ago
Length: 6 min 02 sec
1 week ago
Length: 9 min 50 sec
2 weeks ago
Winter is coming...

Summer is hot in the strip clubs and that's where I tend to spend them, teasing and taking advantage of all the horny fellas who cross my path; but the weathers getting cold and that means I'll be cranking the heat and doing my entertaining from home. Time to warm up the camera, winter is coming... 


3 weeks ago
The Milk Maven
Length: 11 min 35 sec
5 months ago

New video published! My new video is live! Check it out!